Bad performance / High battery drain

While the app was setup to be working optimally for as many devices as possible, of course not all devices are created equal, so you might need to change some settings to get the app to work to its full potential.

  • If the app get's stuck loading or does something weird, hit the "Restart app" button in the side menu. If it happens often, let me know!
  • Keep the number of people and locations below 10. This is for clarity in the widget, but also for performance. Loading the widget and updates takes considerably longer of you have more locations and people.
  • While you can have more widgets at a time (and the app should be able to handle them just fine), it can cost power having to update all of those, so having fewer widgets should be easier on the battery.
  • To save battery, you can increase the time between Geofence updates (which fire whenever you enter or leave a location circle) and increase the time between normal GPS updates (which fire at your set update time).
  • You can save more battery by decreasing the widget update rate. Note that this is just the widget and it has nothing to do with the GPS updates! Live updates have the app listen to the server constantly, using the most battery, although usable. 1-10 minutes will have the app start a service and ask the server for updates only at those times. The same holds for 15+ minutes, however, for those the app uses Android's Job Scheduler, making sure the least power is used.
  • The widget resolution only applies when the widget is not moving. This can be pretty high as it won't ask much performance, it might only cost more RAM.
  • The widget resolution when animating applies when the widget ís moving. This can impact the widget loading times and power (as the animation has to be calculated beforehand). It's better to have this lower than the normal widget resolution, but check to see what works best for you.
  • If you don't care about the animations you can save loading time by disabling the on-touch animation or both that and update animation.
  • Not all devices are powerful enough to have 60+ fps, so if the widget animation seems slow or jittery, try to lower the fps.
  • Finally if you deleted a widget and the app still takes a lot of power, you can check in the advanced settings which widgets are recognized by the app and disable them if the deletion wasn't detected properly.
  • If nothing helps, you can always sign out and sign in. This will clear all app data (including the advanced settings) and all the caches, but all your themes and groups are saved online so you won't lose any of those.